Sunday, February 16, 2020

The Shieldmaidens Run Tekumel At Con Of The North

GM Chandra Reyer, with Bill Hoyt looking on...

The first party of humans gets hit, and hit hard...

The second party of humans gets trapped and then hit

The figures I did for us, back in 1976;
the torchbearers are new, only a decade old...

We got through the weekend; it's the beginning of the campaign season, up here in the Northwoods, and the local game convention Con of the North sees Brett Slocum's programming track of Tekumel games in full swing. This year, one of the Shieldmaidens Sundays group ran her own take on the genre, with a session using Mark Pettigrew's "Tomb Complex of Nereshanbo" - she had the players playing the tomb guardians, not the usual human adventurers.

We supplied the basics, including a table-sized map of the complex, and we also brought the figures I'd done almost 45 years ago when we started our group out at Phil's. Chandra was using Uni Games' "Bethorm" for the rules, and also used the excellent 'paper model' figures from the same source. It all went very well, and the game play was very fast; Chandra had done 'pre-gen' characters for all the various creatures, and the players picked out what they wanted to play. There was a Nshe, for example, who spent a lot of time in the tomb complex's canal to great effect.

The games went so nicely that they had two parties of intruders, and both were disposed of in very short order. The players thought their way through the situations, and when they did spring their ambushes and got into combat it was quick and messy - they all played to their strengths of their characters, and all of them had a very good time in the process.

I did wind up explaining who all these little painted people were, and we all had a great time post-game talking about Phil and his creation.

All in all, an excellent day! :)


  1. Thanks for reminding me about that little module. I should use it.

  2. You're welcome! It was a great adventure, the way she ran it. I am very pleased! :)