Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Plastic Mayhem

Frostgrave "Wizards II"

Frostgrave "Wizards I"

The last part of the 'Sturmgeschutz and Sorcery" game has now dropped into place with the arrival of the Frostgrave "Wizards II" set; my idea is to have the 'D&D players' each run teams of two magic-users and five fighters, with whatever additional creatures or such they can come up with. I don't stock a lot of the 'usual D&D monsters', because I have no need of them, but if it's one thing that the Shieldmaidens have in large quantities it's just that very thing. So, I think that Anne Norton's "Red Army Women" will have a good run for their money. And then some...

All of my Christmas money has now been spent on the build for this game and it's prequel. I have a little savings account that we add to throughout the year for my big splurge on miniatures over the holidays - my birthday is in December as well, which helps - and I normally set a budget for all the games that I build. At this point, with the help of The Missus' ability to find bargains on-line, we're on target and now in the build phase of the games. A lot of my 'stock sets' will be reused, like in any well-run theater, with the new items being added to the inventory to help with future games.

I really enjoyed building these sets, s I have the other multi-part plastic sets I've gotten. The number of options are mind-boggling; I would strongly advise getting some of those 'parts boxes' - like the ones by Plano - to hold all of the stuff you get in these sets. These two sets in particular have a huge variety of parts that will get used in other projects, so keeping them all organized is a real need.

The two sets also have very different 'design aesthetics', from my point of view. The "Wizards I" set has more arms-with-hands-with-stuff-in-them, and "II" has more open hands. The former has more of that 'wizard' look while the latter has more of a 'magic-user' / 'spell caster' look to them. Both sets look the part, and I'm very happy with them both from a game standpoint and a budgetary one; these are, in my opinion, good value for money.

"But what about Tekumel?" I can hear you say. I used the more 'exotic' heads, and (more to the point) we used to use anything that worked for that particular character back in the day; people noticed that there are a lot of Grenadier adventurers in the box of original Tekumel players that went to Con of the North. We used what we had, and what looked good; with some careful painting and detailing, like Phil used to do on his own figures, these will do just fine for our adventures...

Mayhem will ensue... :)

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