Monday, March 30, 2020

The Hidden Treasure

Herself, in 1987. She's been around here since.

She's been a Dr. Who fan since the black-and-white episodes

One of our outings, a while back.

With a little bit of self-indulgence, I would like to reveal one - if not the - greatest hidden treasure of The House of Wonders. The Lady of the House turns 59 today; we first met back in 1987, and she's now been here in my life and that of Tekumel's history since then.

She first came on board as one of the people who were part of Tekumel games in the last years of it's existence, being the officer person who did all the computer work; our first copy of Phil's "Who's Who for Tekumel" was her first project for us, and I still use her 1988 edition today. I also use her 1992 edition, based on the digital back-ups of Phil's work that she did the year after he passed away, as well as the digital version of his Jakalla Underworld 'mega-dungeon'. She's the one's who did all the work to preserve The Professor's files, scanning literally everything and keeping the digital back-ups.

Before I met her, she was a confirmed 'Dr. Who' fan, going around to the conventions and taking photos of the people and events; she still has all those prints and negatives, which are an incredible archive of the early American 'Dr. Who' fan scene. She was also a first-generation fan of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'; one of our daughters, who worked for one of the local movie theaters, was astounded that the Lady of the House was one of the people she'd have to search and divest of all the toast and rice being carried into the theater. Yes, my lovely Janet is one of those people.

Daughters. Yes, she has seven of them, who all picked her to be their parent when they needed one to listen to them, help them, and be a steady influence in their lives. They call her when they need her, and she's always there for them with a steady voice and a helping hand. In a lager family sense, she also has her friends the Shieldmaidens; she can't get to many of their games, but she provides them with a lot of help and makes her home available to them as an alternate meeting place and a workshop.

She does all of this despite her serious health issues; she's effectively house-bound, with the Internet there to be able to reach out to people, and we don't do trips or excursions like we used to be able to. we deal with it; we've now been together for thirty-two years, and I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times we've been separated by more then 100 miles or more then a day. We have always been an institution, our friends say, and we have every intention of continuing that state of affairs.

We have been here at the House of Wonders since 1988, and we will continue to be here. If you like, join us either here at home or on the Internet; guests are always welcome.

Happy Birthday, my love!

yours, as always, chirine


  1. Ah the sound of a truly happy and very lucky man! Send my heart felt best wishes to your lovely lady, may she have many more!

  2. A very Happy birthday to your wife! Best wishes to you both, and keep on gaming!

  3. Happy birthday and congratulations!

  4. Happy Birthday to your partner in crime!

  5. Happy New Year to the Lady of the House!

  6. Happy Birthday, Janet!🎂🎉🎈

  7. Thank you, everyone, for your very kind comment and thoughts. I passed them along to Herself, and she was very touched by your thinking of her.

    Thank you all, once again!