Saturday, May 9, 2020

The Saga Of Castle Tilketl's Crate

The crate whereof I speak...

Castle Tilketl, in all of it's mud-brick squalor

Our Heroes, defending the wretched place against all odds
A long time ago, as was reported in the pages of a TSR magazine, there was a battle fought and a Gold of Glory won. Korunme got a promotion to Molkar, and we all trooped off to the Milumaniyani deserts to play soldier. We wound up in a miserable mud-brick 'castle', ands eventually had to - as seemed to be the usual thing in Phil's campaign - run for it.

Phil was kind enough to draw me a plan of the place for our game, and it's still in the files. So, years later, I got The Bright Idea of actually building the place as a 25mm / 28mm model, and we got a lot of use out of the thing in some very fun games.

Storing something like this, as you can imagine, is a problem; it's why I try to avoid items of larger set-piece scenery and terrain. In this case, modeling won out over practicality. I eventually built a dedicated crate for the thing, and it's been sitting in there for over a decade. I built the crate to fit the model, and discovered after I'd built it that it had to be tilted up on end to get it out of the basement.

Well. We'd been there before, with another and more well-known model.

As I've mentioned, I'm in the throes of reorganizing and repacking the game room and game storage. It's become clear that the crate takes up too much room, so the castle will find a new home and the lumber will be recycled - the castle will fit out the door and up the stairs, so the crate is more then a little redundant. Sine I build everything with screws to hold the parts together, disassembly and re-use will be easy.

The castle will see more action, and become another feature here at The House Of Wonders... :)



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I had a lot of fun building this; the battlements are made of little clay bricks that I got from a Spanish company, then 'stuccoed' with acrylic filler. I wanted to get that 'mud-brick look' and I think it worked.

  2. Good to see that... ?? doesn't a mud brick castle feature in one of MAR Barker's novels?

    1. Thanks! Yes, in "Flamesong", and it's the same 'castle'. Phil ran the adventure for us first, and then used it in the novel. Phil liked to run 'the big scenes' with us first, to see how they played with an audience; he'd tweak them as needed, and then use them in his current novel. The chase scene in the Temple of Sarku in "Man of Gold" was another; he ran is with us, and then used it in the book. The game session was every bit as scary as it reads...

  3. Thank you! I'm kinda fond of it; it was one of the first 'big' projects I did for my old game group.