Saturday, May 30, 2020

Uncle Hugo's Burned This Morning - New Information, 6/3/20 From Don Blyly

Raw data, from Ken Boyd

Uncle Hugo's has been around for 45 years, and is the oldest F/SF bookstore in America. About 3:30 this morning, it was set on fire and destroyed.

[Edit - 5/30/20] I have removed the link I posted to the GoFundMe page after a conversation with the folks at Uncle Hugo's / Uncle Edgar's; there are some insurance and legal boxes that need to be checked off, and once these are done there will be a fundraiser. I will post more on this as I get it, of course.

[Update - 6/2/20] There is new information on the GoFundMe page regarding fund-raising:

Please read this update, and talk to them before you do anything. Thanks!

[Update - 5/30/20] The owner of Uncle Hugo's/ Uncle Edgar's has a statement on the store's website:

[Update - 6/2/20] There is more information on the situation on the Uncles' website. Please use the link above and take a look at this, as it's the best information I can give you at this time. Thanks!

[Update - 6/3/20] There is now an official GoFundMe campaign afoot:

Note to Ken Boyd: Thank you for posting this news to your social media feed.


  1. The owner might want to try "malicious mischief" on his report to the police, and to his insurance company. That should probably be covered.

  2. The owner has his lawyer on the case, and I think that local and state government will get involved.

    It's heartbreaking; Hugo's was my introduction to F/SF fandom, and people like Gordy Dickson, Cliff Simak, and M. A. R. Barker.

  3. That is some sick and sad news. This is not
    insurrection , this is trespassing, vandalism, and arson.
    Folks useing the tragedy, to burn done another person's life for kicks. Hope they spend a few years behind bars.

  4. Yep. And this is just one of the over 200 businesses in the local community that have been destroyed. The area along Lake Street has been in difficulty for decades, and this on top of the pandemic is just not what the community needs. Lots of these shops were small, family-owned, lots of them were the very people who were most in need of help.

  5. There are demonstrators nine blocks from my house. I keep hearing helicopters. Seems unlikely that they'd turn violent in my neighborhood. If they do, I'll suspect non-residents.

  6. Well, be careful and stay as safe as you can be.

  7. Apparently my car has been vandalized, and I've heard half a dozen shots. I'll check in the morning.

    1. I'm sorry to hear this; are you all safe? Windows can be fixed, but people are more important.

    2. So far, thanks. There's obscene graffiti on my car, and my wife's office door was smashed in. The street I live on looks pretty bad. Today's curfew begins at 1pm.

  8. Cripes. At least you're all ok. :(