Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Back After Thirty Years...

Filling up the wading pools
That's our original wedding certificate, there...

The south tent

The alleyway

Why we had the pools

The north tent

I have been off-line for a while; the real-world issues that we had to deal with at the beginning of the month have now subsided, and the rest of july has been spent getting ready for our Thirtieth Wedding Anniversary. We got married on July 22nd, 1990, in our new back yard and we thought - given the advisories from the CDC and WHO - that we'd return to the scene of the crime and have some friends over.

A catered lunch from a local deli was provided; everyone got a box lunch, and a cooler bag to take home the left-overs (If any; the hordes were ravenous.) The usual buffet was replaced by a table full of masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, handi-wipes, dog biscuits, individually-wrapped flatware and straws; coolers full of wet ice had individual drinks, and more coolers full of dry ice had all the individual box lunches. Bowls of individually-bagged snacks were also available, and one of our old friends brought a cooler full of dry ice and ice cream.

Since the weather forecast was simply lousy - heat and humidity to start, strong storms later - I put extra tarps on the tents and battened down the hatches. Power was run out to the tents for the lights and fans, and set up on a single breaker for dealing with the wet. We got two to three inches of rain that night, but stuff stayed reasonably dry.

People stayed in their masks, we had a good breeze, and the individual family groups stayed together. Everybody had been watching their health for the previous two weeks, and everyone felt pretty safe as we'd be outdoors all day anyway.

Because of the weather, we had to drop the video link, but we had back-ups. The only issue we had was getting the inflatable stuff inflated, but we managed.

It all seemed to go well, and people enjoyed being out and about. Yes, it was very muggy, but nobody was doing a lot of moving around so we all stayed pretty comfortable.

In short, a good time was had by all.

Thirty years in the same house. With the same spouse. In this time of constant change, some things do seem to last...

(Edit: photo added after getting permission of the photographer; that's our original wedding certificate, there.)