Sunday, April 11, 2021

Still Alive, and painting stuff...

Annie Norman, of Bad Squiddo Games, is in the throes of a new Kickstarter for more of her 28mm 'Red Army Women'. These are mostly winter versions of her line, but are all new scuplts. The Kickstarter funded in literally 12 minutes, and is now at something like 400% of her original goal. These are sculpted by Alan March, who also does a lot of the Tekumel Project figures, and are all quite nice; nnie is one of the very few miniatures companies - along with our own Howard Fielding and his Tekumel Project - that I will buy from sight unseen. (I've been burned, a few times.)


  1. They are the Bad Squiddo 'Red Army Women' in summer uniforms; Annie has the winter ones up on her Kickstarter at the moment. Vehicles are French 'Solido' or Soviet 'Arsenal'. I still have a lot of work to do on all of them, but they are indeed a lot of fun!!!