Sunday, October 17, 2021

Back From The Dead (1)

I had a good time, last night, fitting parts back into place and applying the glue to keep them there. One of the trucks will be a challenge, as it's in really bad shape, but I've had worse. One really bright spot in all this was getting the ladder truck back into action. I had to disassemble the truck to get to the bolt that holds the ladder turntable in place, and then loosen it up. I also added a felt washer between the turntable and the truck body to minimize wear, and I also put a drop or two of very fine oil into the ladder mount's 'hydraulic cylinder' to free it up and allow the ladder to elevate as well as spin. It's worth the extra effort; the ladder extends out to a good 20" on the table, and I can well imagine the trouble that players will get into. See also one of my favorite vintage movies, "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad World", for why I love to add this kind of thing into my games...


  1. Thank you! These little trucks are mostly modular, and I've gotten pretty good at getting them back together. The last truck will be a challenge, as it's in a lot of bit and pieces. I shall prevail, however... :)